Beer Festival

My local pub has hosted an impromptu beer festival. I’ll have a lovely pint and a bag of crisps please. 



Attitude adjustment 

So – some days, you really do need to say “******** to it” and just go for a pint. 

So I have. 

And the Nottingham Legend Beer at the Frame Breakers has certainly hit the spot. 

Not being wholly philosophical, but sometimes taking a couple of steps back, and contemplating issues over a beer can often put things into a proper sense of perspective. 

Beer (again)

For a couple a Sundays now, I’ve checked out the Frame Breakers, a newly refurbished pub in the village. 

Nottingham Brewery took it over recently and have done it up rather nicely. The Beer is top quality and there’s always something interesting on the jukebox. 

And moreover on a Sunday night it’s quiet, so I can come and relax with a pint and just unwind. 

Which is nice.